3 Favorites: Gospel Coalition Conference

Earlier this month, I traveled to the Gospel Coalition's National Conference. I attended primarily out of interest in the conference's topic (The Protestant Reformation, in honor of the 500th anniversary this year of Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany), but I ended up unearthing some wellness gems while there.

My three faith and health favorites from the conference: 

1. Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age by Bob Cutillo, MD. I attended "Dr. Bob's" talk that he gave at the conference and within the first few minutes of it, I was totally hooked into his message. His sense of humor, deep medical knowledge and strong faith was readily apparent. The fact that he's well-verses in theology and church history was equally impressive and I really appreciated how he weaves all of the above into his philosophy about faith-based wellness. His book is excellent and available on Amazon, and you can listen to his talk online as well. 

2. Rooted: For Families is an online course developed according to Gospel-centered principles for foster and adoptive families. It features teaching and training from some of the top authors and experts in the country, and I love its focus on equipping parents to love and lead kids who've experienced trauma. Although my family and I are not currently foster or adoptive parents, we've purchased the course anyway and have found it to be tremendously helpful as a parenting tool. While our own two kids haven't experienced traumatic loss, they've experienced "third culture" trauma of birth/life in a host culture, along with the trauma of seeing a parent navigate a chronic health condition. 

3. The Economic Wisdom Project is an initiative of Oikonomia Network, "a theological learning community helping pastors equip people for whole-life discipleship, fruitful work and economic wisdom." I stopped by their booth when their folder caught my attention. I deeply appreciate the work they're doing to educate pastors and faith leaders about the important like between meaningful work, economic stewardship and healthy faith. In my health-coaching practice, I've seen the tight link between emotional and financial health (or lack thereof) show up repeatedly. However, I've never seen an organization dedicated to addressing the issue. I'm excited to share the project with you all and to being supporting this important work myself. 

As a 4th bonus favorite, I love that the folks at TGC make the recordings from the conference available for free. I've attended other conferences that charge several hundred dollars (on top of the original conference fee!) for conference recordings. Thankfully, TGC makes recordings available to all who were unable to attend the sold-out conference in Indianapolis. Click here to listen to all the great conference talks