Churches & Ministries: Strategic Engagement

Christa helps churches and other faith-based organizations start and improve wellness enhancement initiatives, while simultaneously assessing congregation needs and openness to change. Christa pulls from her unique combination of corporate and academic training to create seamless programs that fit within current organizational structure and provide best opportunity for long-lasting community adoption. 




Is your congregation ready to change? Christa walks your leadership team through a process she's developed to help you clarify the answer to this important question. She then makes recommendations based on the answer that sets your team up for the best chance of success.



What's next? After evaluation, it's time to act. Christa will partner with your organization along every step of the implementation journey.


Staff Care

Pastoral burnout is at an all-time high. When your staff isn't healthy, there's almost no way your church can be sustainably healthy. Using her unique combination of health coaching experience and seminary studies, Christa provides both one-on-one services and offers retainer packages for emergency consultations during personal crisis situations.