Discipleship-based Health Coaching

Life gets hard sometimes and we can't go it alone. Paraphrasing a famous song, we all "get by with a little help from our friends." Christa uses her experience in health coaching to provide friendly guidance and helpful advice to individuals, small groups, and homeschool families using a faith-based format she's devloped over the course of a decade.

Christa also trains lay leaders in the basics of health coaching and health ministry leadership, equipping churches to run wellness ministries in their communities. 


Individuals, Small Groups & Homeschool Families

Christa works with individuals, small groups, and homeschool families, to help create effective and realistic health plans that allow all involved to become as holistically healthy as possible. She believes mental, physical and spiritual health are all essential to our ability to walk in the calls God places on our lives, and is particuarly adept at helping families facing the realities of chronic disease. Christa works face-to-face with individuals in the greater Portland, Oregon area, and via Zoom meeting or phone with clients around the world. 



Pastoral leadership is a privileged calling that brings with it major challenges. Using her unique combination of corporate experience, consulting history, health coaching certification and seminary degree, Christa provides friendship, prayer support and a valuable "sounding board" for pastoral leaders and pastoral caregivers. Past and present coaching relationships include story companionship, event processing, theological reflection on congregational issues, and project coaching (including marketing communications projects, book publication, and event management). Christa wants all pastors to know there's always reason for hope and joy in every pastoral project, no matter what that journey might look like at times!