Strategic Consulting

Christa passionately and deeply cares about helping faith-based communities. She draws from her background in corporate communications, her health coaching certification and her ongoing graduate-level seminary training to help faith-based and community leaders develop effective engagement strategies that promote overall health and  wellness. 


Churches & Ministries

Christa helps churches and other faith-based organizations start and improve wellness enhancement initiatives, while simultaneously assessing congregation needs and openness to change. Christa pulls from her unique combination of corporate and academic training to create seamless programs that fit within current organizational structure and provide best opportunity for long-lasting community adoption. 


Community Organizations

More organizations that ever before are seeking spiritual guidance for their employees. Research continually suggests that providing spiritual support services decreases workplace stress, helps alleviate work-life balance tension, and therefore increases employee productivity. Christa helps corporate and community leaders develop and implement innovative spiritual direction programs as an employment benefit.